Tropical Angels

Music and Lyrics by Sheng Lei
Book and Lyrics by Meng-Huan Lim

Set during the Pacific War, Tropical Angels follows the story of Yi-Ping, an Imperial Japanese soldier, and his journey of self in the midst of war. 

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Music by Sheng Lei
Book and Lyrics by Ioana Preda Buburuzan

It’s 1916. With the backdrop of the U.S’ involvement into world war being imminent, Helen Keller finds herself secretly engaged with her secretary Peter Fagan while preparing for a political lecture on the current political climate. Meanwhile, Helen Keller is personally struggling with her ambitious goal to perfect her oral speech and eradicate any sign of having a deaf accent. In this folk/pop rock musical Helen Keller is split into two women-- Helen and Helen 2. They are two halves of one whole. When news of their affair become public, questions about Peter’s true intentions towards his fiancee begin to surface. Helen and Helen 2 are faced to make a life-altering decision. As the story unfolds, the two Helen’s embark on a journey of self-discovery and most importantly self-reconciliation.



Music by Sheng Lei
Book and Lyrics by AriDy Nox and Megan Petersen

It’s 1980 and Taiwan is under martial law. The country is split between the developing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that represents the people, and the government Kuomintang Nationalist Party (KMT). Government rule is often referred to as the “White Terror”. A man named Lin Yi-Hsiung has been imprisoned for the past year for his affiliation with a magazine that supports DPP political views. Our main character, Nylon, was a revolutionary newspaper owner who advocated “radical” journalism during the white terror oppression in Taiwan. When police forces came to arrest him, he locked himself in his office for days and eventually died by self-immolation. This song takes place at the beginning of his radical career.

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